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Cornerstone Electric

    Don't miss that sale or contract!  We work with many real estate and construction professionals.  Instilling confidence in your potential client is vital to closing the deal.  Why use Cornerstone Electric?

~  We have over 25 years of experience and the owner, Bobby Allison, holds a degree in Commercial/ Industrial/Residential Electricity.

~   Is your client being told that costly repairs are needed or that some suspicious electrical issues are not a problem?  Find out before you negotiate or close!  If you have a property that needs repairs to bring it up to Code or at least a written quote showing the repairs needed to use in your negotiations, we can help by your deadline!  Need an electrical home inspection?  We can perform a detailed inspection and provide an inspection report on the electrical system in your property.  We will even address all electrical issues listed in a general home inspection report, especially items in dispute. 

~  Our availability to our pros and their clients as well as our customers goes well beyond the typical 9 to 5.  We are here anytime you have a question or concern.  Don't wait (or have your client wait).

~  Our experience varies from wiring new multi million dollar homes to installing ceiling fans- both are just as important to us. 

~  Trying to meet your deadline to finish a client's project or get ready for your open house on your flip? Every day counts. We work quickly and at a reasonable rate so that you can keep your budget intact.

~  Tired of "baby sitting" your electrical contractor?  Let us know what you need and we will get it done correctly and on time. 

~  The prices we charge are, on average, 23% less than our local competitors due to our low overhead.  No hidden fees or add ons like trip fees, after hour emergency fees, etc.

~  We treat your clients with exceptional attention and service

~  Gift certificates are available for your clients as a gift from you at no charge to you and can be customized for a small fee 

~  Most of our available programs for you and your clients are complimentary:

     Lighting consultations: If your client is not sure how to achieve the look they want or lighting they need, we offer free consultations that cover the type and quantity needed to produce the desired result from interior lighting, motion sensor lighting, security lighting and unusual lighting such as outdoor lighting and receptacles (imagine using only one indoor switch to turn all of your  holiday lights off and on rather than plugging and unplugging them in the cold darkness), shed lighting and much more.

         Refresh Program- If your property has been sitting on the market a little too long, updating the lighting, especially if all of the furniture is out of the home and the lighting is really noticeable, may make all the difference.  We can replace as much or as little as you choose, both indoors and out.  

       Budget Savers-  If your client needs to do a large project in stages, we can help them make a master plan and then divide it into manageable, planned stages.

       Buyers Assistant Program-  We offer free assistance in finding the right products to meet your client's needs and decor. 

       Lighting Discounts- We can provide discounts on lighting up to 30%,

       Complimentary Gift Certificates- Do you like to give your clients a gift?  We provide free $50.00 gift certificates for you to give your clients (no limit) so that they can make lighting or electrical changes to their new home. You can also print them out at Christmas time (or any other time) as a marketing campaign. 


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