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Due to the present financial difficulties caused by the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, we are temporarily expanding our discounts in order to assist our clients, both new and existing.  Most of these listed below are our usual but have just temporarily been increased to try to help. 

Please note that discounts cannot be combined and are subject to change without notice. 

~ PayPal Credit-  Although we do not have any affiliation with PayPal or PayPal Credit, upon approval, you can pay for your electrical work through PayPal Credit interest free for 6 months for purchases over $99.00.  Both purchases under $99.00 and $99.00 and over will also have a small minimum monthly fee per PayPal.  Please visit PayPal.com and view PayPal Credit information.  All payments must be in accordance to our own Policies, Terms and Conditions.  

~ 25% Discount- For a limited time, we are offering a 25% discount on all jobs.  This is usually reserved for returning clients only, but we will now offer this to both new and established clients.  Our usual discount is 20%.

~ Groupon Special- You can purchase a Groupon from us that will cover $85.00 worth of electrical services.  You pay only $34.00.  We do not have any control over how much Groupon charges for our Groupon so it may differ.

~ Lighting Discounts-  Through passing on our contractor discount to you, you can save up to 30% at a couple of stores that we have negotiated the price.  We are not affiliated with them and do not receive any payment from them. Items eligible for discount must be installed by Cornerstone Electric and we must get your order and notify them that it is authorized by us before your purchase can be made. 

Material Cost- We will continue to keep your material cost as low as possible, usually at our cost.